GET /behavior

Returns the current behavior in use.


$ curl -XGET http://localhost:8080/behavior
  "behavior": "dummy"

POST /behavior

Set the behavior. The behavior must be provided in a JSON mapping in the body of the request, with a name key for the behavior name, and any option to pass to the behavior class.


$ curl -d '{"sleep": 2, "name": "delay"}' http://localhost:8080/behavior \
      -H "Content-Type: application/json"
   "status": "ok"

GET /behaviors

Returns a list of behaviors that are possible to use


$ curl -XGET http://localhost:8080/behaviors
"behaviors": [

Command line

You can use these APIs directly from the command-line using the vaurienctl CLI tool.

vaurienctl can be used to list the available behaviors, get the current one, or set it.

Here is a quick demo:

$ vaurienctl list-behaviors
delay, error, hang, blackout, dummy

$ vaurienctl set-behavior blackout
Behavior changed to "blackout"

$ vaurienctl get-behavior

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